Metal Detector (Food, Pharma, HACCP, SQF)


WrapSense High-Quality Food Metal Detector w/ After Sales Service is a High-Quality Food Metal Detector for Food and Beverage Metal Detection- FDA.


Our metal detectors are great for facilities that need HACCP certifications, SQF certifications, and food-safe environments. The metal detector meets high-quality standards you need to keep your production facility safe. The metal detector is great for food products, dietary supplements, and various other items that need detection.

The metal detector can detect hard-to-detect materials such as those materials with a high water, and high salt content. The metal detector has a built-in auto-set feature for product set-up, parameter saving features for different items.

The standard machine has the ability to to stop a product with an optional product alarm, and the conveyor belt motor will stop. Additional features such as a air-blow reject system and automatic rejection arms can be added to further automate your packaging lines and reject faulty weights, and products with a small amount of Fe/SS, and Non-Fe metals such as Aluminum.



Metal Detector Specifications

Maximum Package Width: 11.8″

Max Package Height: 4.72″

Fe Sensitivity: 0.0275″

Stainless Steel Sensitivity: 0.047″

Max Weight.: 11 Lbs.

Speed: 98 feet/min

Power: 220V/60Hz/Single-Phase



Please contact us with the requirements you have

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